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eerie forest

Just chilling on a lazy Sunday afternoon listening to some mellow dubstep and wanted to share this tune with you all.  It is a very emotional and icy cold remix by dubstep producer NumberNin6.  The original track was produced by William Fitzsimmons Toprol For Sale, .

William Fitzsimmons - What You've Done (NumberNin6 Remix)


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5 Responses to “Toprol For Sale”

  1. 1 Dilation

    Great track to air out a dubstep set! I just got into NumberNin6 this week. This track is perfect for the weather today in Tulsa, Ok

  2. 2 MEGO

    Anywhere we can download this track?


    MEGO: Right click on the song title and click “save link as”.

  4. 4 niznet

    There’s a place for you on my bookmarks list. After two posts im loving this blog already.

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