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Markus Ferdinand Hormone For Sale, is an extremely talented Tech House DJ/producer from Frankfurt, Germany who has recently dropped an EP which is making serious waves across the world's dancefloors and causing considerable buzz in the Tech House community.  The producer---commonly referred to as M.in---has once again produced a tune that has left my ears and feet dancing for days.  I woke up this morning with an immediate---and borderline uncomfortable---desire to hear "Sing And Blow At The Same Time", the title track on M.in's EP of the same name, released just a few days ago on Loco Dice and Martin Buttrichs' indie label Desolat .  M.in's personal brand of Tech House is unquestionably unique.  While most of his beats are undeniably minimal in nature, M.in always manages to skillfully blend together a complex and spicy mix of jazz, soul and afrobeat elements into his productions---ensuring that his creations are never bland.  With an infectious mix of thumping bass, rolling cowbells and brass, M.in's latest heater had no trouble eliciting a big smile and two thumbs up from me.  Mandeezy agrees.

Another greasy track from the Sing & Blow EP which got my head pumping back and forth like an over-excited and exceptionally curious rooster was "Ponte Real" featuring Jonas, Hormone us, 150mg Hormone, with whom M.in collabotated to create 2009's trumpet-laden gear greaser "Balkan Style" on weplayminimal.  After listening to both Ponte Real and Balkan Style, one can only wonder why these two would ever separate from each other.  Ponte Real kicks off with deep looping drums and high hats which together give the track a toe-tapping, Hormone canada, 50mg Hormone, swing-like feel while other sounds resembling things like submarine radar blips and chemical sprays bring listeners back to the future...but definitely not back to reality.  While Sing And Blow At The Same Time may get to enjoy the lion's share of attention associated with this release, I personally think that Ponte Real is the diamond with the most glitter and shine on this 4-track gem.  Check it out, 750mg Hormone. 20mg Hormone, M.in - Sing and Blow at the Same Time (buy 320 @ beatport / Whatpeopleplay)


M.in featuring Jonas - Ponte Real (buy 320 @ beatport / Whatpeopleplay)


M.in featuring Jonas - Balkan Style (buy 320 @ beatport)

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  1. 1 trav1dr

    loving these, respect!

  2. 2 Dave Stefopulos


  3. 3 Mandelephant

    big win. m.in strokin’ the floor once again.

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