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The Killabits have been in the studio again and have sent us over some heavy artillery.  Our Toronto homies have been crazy busy with their Bassmentality bi-weekly @ Wrongbar which has built up to being one of the rowdiest and most energetic crowds in the city.  Be sure to catch them spinning alongside 16 Bit on July 21st @ Wrongbar! No RX Deltasone, This first tune has already hit 100,o00 views in its first month on Youtube and is a perfect example of that high energy party music that these dudes just love to make.

The Killabits - Stray Bullet


These next few remixes will be sure to catch your ear.  The Wha La La Leng Jungle Remix is pure FIIIIIIYURRRRRR.  A bouncy beast of a tune with a rib cage rattling bass line, Deltasone india. Deltasone overseas, Poirier ft. Face T - Wha La La Leng [THE KILLABITS REMIX]


Major Lazer ft, 200mg Deltasone. 1000mg Deltasone, Collie Buddz & Linda Ortiz - Never Good Enough [THE KILLABITS REMIX]


Aloe Blacc - I Need A Dollar [THE KILLABITS REMIX]


Sam and Biz also sent over a clip from upcoming debut dubstep release DSGSTNG which will be available to the digital world June 16th and features a Bombaman remix.


The June 16th Bassmentality is now the official release party and the boys are bringing Juan Basshead (MIAMI, 30mg Deltasone, 10mg Deltasone, USA) to smash up Wrongbar. 250mg Deltasone. Deltasone us. Deltasone uk. Deltasone usa. Deltasone craiglist. 50mg Deltasone. Deltasone coupon. 40mg Deltasone. 750mg Deltasone. Deltasone japan. Deltasone australia. Deltasone canada. 150mg Deltasone. Deltasone paypal. Deltasone ebay. 500mg Deltasone. 100mg Deltasone. Deltasone mexico. 20mg Deltasone.

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  1. 1 darkslider


  2. 2 Rob


  3. 3 darkslider

    no seriously that wa wa la leng is so dutter (dirt plus butter)

  4. 4 Bingyfire

    Big tracks. Dubstep lives in Toronto and it’s name is The Killabits!

  5. 5 Dick Diamonds




    These guys bring that mutha Fuckin HEAT

  6. 6 cheese

    Tight as fuck. Biggups to Toronto.

    June 16th, Killabits at Wrongbar for NXNE.

  7. 7 Medley

    Big tunes! Damn, not a fan of most dubstep either. This shit is right though!!!

  8. 8 billionaire

    Lets help these guys get to #1 on Hype Machine!

    Give em a ‘heart’ and show your support here:

  9. 9 ronnie

    this shit is fukin crazy

  10. 10 Billionaire

    The Major Lazer remix is the most “hearted” tune in the history of our blog with almost 2000 hearts!

    Thanks to everyone for the suppport and ofcourse big up the Killa’s!


  11. 11 Goodfellow

    Some dirty bass loven it!!!

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