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Pupkulies & Rebecca No RX Toprol, is a fantastic group out of Berlin which produces experimental pop, tech-house and dub infused ear burners which give me goosebumps and keep my body and mind pure.  I just ran into this succulent remix of their ultra-catchy tune Burning Boats, by funky psych-house duo Masomenos out of Paris.  Beautiful female vocals, slow piano keystrokes and constant kicks make for a great Sunday afternoon tune that will sooth the soul and mind.  Too bad it is Monday.

Pupkulies & Rebecca - Burning Boats (Masomenos Remix) (buy)


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2 Responses to “No RX Toprol”

  1. 1 Anonymous

    You forgot to add the extension .mp3 to the file name in the directory path for download purposes. :-)

  2. 2 Dick Diamonds

    Thanks for the heads up!!


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