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Minimal tech-house  producer Seth Troxler Buy Medrol Over The Counter, has been kicking the shit out of my ears for the past couple of days.  Originally from America's tech-hub Detroit, Troxler has been living in  Berlin for the past couple of years producing shoulder shaking tech-tunage that keeps feet moving and brows sweatin'.  I have recently been bobbing to Each Step, a collaboration between Troxler and Switzerland's techno-titan Deetron, released through Circus Company.  Deep synth bombs with scuttling high hats and vocal monotonicity create a desire for back alley chases and late night shakeups.  Also been loving Troxler's collabo with Matthew Dear on Hurt, an aural street sweeper that keeps night clubbers poppin' and dripping like cave-creeping stalagmites.  This music is out of this world.

Seth Troxler & Deetron - Each Step (buy)


Seth Troxler & Matthew Dear -"Hurt" (buy)

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5 Responses to “Buy Medrol Over The Counter”

  1. 1 Dave Bloom

    Great post, hope you’ve heard “I can’t feel” by Matt Dear which is forthcoming. It sounds like he sampled some chickens.

    Dave Bloom

  2. 2 Dick Diamonds

    The chick in the picture likes her music like she likes her outfits – minimal.

    Subliminal references in the pictures yo.

  3. 3 Dick Diamonds

    @Dave Bloom

    No brother, I had not heard that tune until I read your comment….and thank you!! This tune is a stinkerrrrrrr

    The Ear Flowers are in bloom again!

  4. 4 celebryci

    Its late here and i wanted to go to bed but i said to read one more article from your blog. Good night!

  5. 5 Dick Diamonds

    STAY HERE ALL NIGHT HOMIE!! Big ups, thanks for sleeping less – - and plugging more.

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