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Electronic music producer and skateboard enthusiast Hans Edquist (aka: Barletta Where Can I Buy Clonidine, ) has been a very good friend to us here at Plugged Not Thugged, and we would like to wish him a very happy 24th birthday.  Barletta is a prime example of how great the Toronto scene can be because this guy doesn't just put his heart into his tunes and shows, but into everything he loves, including his community.  Back in May we had Hans out to our first LARGE MARGE, a new monthly thrown in conjunction with Major Rager.  As per usual, the man simply killed his set and brought pure energy to the party.  While his set was amazing, what really blew my mind was when he dropped the Large Marge Anthem, a tune that he made especially for the party's debut.  Using samples from songs such as O-God's Barbara Streisand Remix, our boy made us a very special tune that we will never forget.  We would like to share this awesome little diddy with our readers, along with a sweet new edit he sent us of Pendulum's song The Island  pt. 2, 750mg Clonidine. 150mg Clonidine, Happy Birthday Barletta, we love ya bud, Clonidine mexico. Clonidine craiglist, Barletta - Large Marge Anthem (Major Rager / PNT Exclusive)


Pendulum - The Island pt. 2 (Barletta Edit)

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5 Responses to “Where Can I Buy Clonidine”

  1. 1 nuspeipah

    wow, large marge was really something.

    splendid blog, btw.

  2. 2 Dick Diamonds


    Thanks for the kind words and support, both are always appreciated!

    It definitely is a sick tune which even has a Homer Simpson sample in it. My parent’s never let me watch that show when I was a kid, so I am stoked that Homer laid down some vocals on this track for the Large Marge anthem – it’s too bad the party was named after the character Large Marge from Pee-Wee Herman’s movie.

    Here, check out this video of her! She is definitely on of those truck drivers who drive across the country in one sitting while hopped up on amphetamines. She just tweaked at the end of this video!


  3. 3 JMUDGE

    LARGE MARGE WAS EPIC… GAVE ME GOOSEBUMPS IT WAS SO GOOD… one of those songs you create a mix around – LOVE IT! Stoked on your blog as well – keep up the rad work

  4. 4 DANK-D


  5. 5 Dick Diamonds

    Respect Dank Man

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