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Wow.  I really do not know what to say this time.  Barletta Careprost For Sale, consistently impresses me with the sheer number of dirty remixes he can make in a week, and frankly it sometimes makes me kind of sick to my stomach.  Well this week we were pummeled by heavy production fire and wave after wave of file movements.  Just as the dust began to settle and we thought the Barlettzkrieg was over, the BRLTA-52 bomber dropped a megatron nugget of epic proportions on us.  Leezy passed me what I think is perhaps his best work ever, a re-dub of Zed's Dead's Give Me Shelter Remix - and let me tell you, this slab of filth is fresh off the bloody meat rack.  This is the HEAVIEST track I have heard in a long fucking time, and once again Plugged Not Thugged is honoured to  be the first blog to drop this firestorm onto the internet.  Toronto is on fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirreeeeeeeeee!!.

Gimme Shelter - Zed's Dead Remix (Barletta Redub)
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    Barleeeeezy killing it as per usual!

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