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Toronto's Ash Ainsworth and Chris Sanakidis --- more commonly referred to as the Tape Deck Bros by hot young girls --- have been corrugating the hell out of the scene in the past year with their in-your-face party rocking and cardboard headpieces that remind me of low-budget Daft Punk helmets made by broke-ass college kids who have completely mismanaged their funds.  These two Mega City natives have been producing music together since before their electric shift to electro-house in the mid 00's.  The former "Animal Clinic Discount Hgh, " band members have been working their asses off and it seems to be working out for them, as the Bro's have been gaining a strong following among throngs of horny,young and sweaty college kids that fiend for high-energy parties which are perfect for freaking the fuck out. Hgh mexico, If you really want to get an idea of how these guys corrugate the dancefloor with their electro-house vibes and sweat inducing  flavour, check out this exclusive PnT mix the boys sent us to pump up the pre-game crowd before they make their first appearance at our monthly Major Rager party in Kensington Market this coming weekend.  You can also catch the two box-heads at the beginning of every week for Monday Meetings at the Social --- the location of their highly popular weekly residency thrown in conjunction with the Mansion Entertainment group. The track listing for the mix can be found after the jump, Hgh uk. 100mg Hgh, Plugcast 006 - Tape Deck Bros - Plugged into the Tapedeck   (PnT Exclusive Mix 2010)
[audio:/podcast/Plugcast_006 - Tape Deck Bros - Plugged into the Tapedeck (PnT Exclusive Mix 2010).mp3]

MAJOR RAGER 1-Year Celebration Bonus: This coming Saturday's Major Rager is the official one-year birthday of the series, The Tape Deck Brothers have decided to celebrate by including a 320 kbps remix they did of Dr, 50mg Hgh. 150mg Hgh, Dre & Eminem's classic Forgot About Dre. If you loved the original, 200mg Hgh, Hgh paypal, get blazed on this.

Dr Dre feat, 250mg Hgh. Hgh ebay, Eminem - Forgot About Dre (TapeDeckBros Remix)
[audio:/2010/aug/Dr. Dre feat Eminem - Forgot About Dre (Tape Deck Bros Remix).mp3]


Drop It Like Its Hot - Snoop Dogg (TapeDeckBros Remix)
Forgot About Dre - Dr Dre Feat Eminem (TapeDeckBros Remix)
Bora Bora - Juan Magan & Marcos Rodriguez (Mastiksoul Remix)
Alain Ho Feat, 20mg Hgh. 40mg Hgh, Marlene - Je Pense A Toi (Kruse & Nuernberg Remix)
Toby Emerson - Never Comin Down (Lazy Rich Remix)
Lemonade - Boys Noize & Erol Alkan (John Roman Remix)
Loft In Bass - Hostage
Klezmer - Alvaro (Alvaro Arabic Nights Bootleg)
Brazilian - Gramaphonedzie
They Need Us - Arnej (Club Edit)
July 12, 1979 (Original Mix) - Ainsworth & Revered
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3 Responses to “Discount Hgh”

  1. 1 Mansion Are Pussies

    I was posting on the Mansion Inc’s blog this stuff, but they deleted it. Hopefully plugged has the balls to keep it online for they’re a real blog, doing real things, and are the number one google result for Mansion Inc Entertainment Toronto. Toronto needs to rise up and stomp these racists plagiarizers out the scene! Sorry TapeDeck Bro’s, but you need to associate with better people. The Forgot About Dre remix is sick btw!

    Their latest poster for their shit night uses stolen artwork, after being informed, they’re still using it:

    Mansion Flyer:

    Original Artwork they stole:

    They’re also a bunch of racist fratboys who know nothing about the music they promote. Below is a post of theirs insulting UK rappers rapping over Dubstep (Debstep spawned from UK Garage…) from their blog which I commented on, but they deleted from their blog cause they’re pussies. Let’s share it with the world:

    Thursday, August 12, 2010

    Fuck you UK Rappers

    I hate when a UK rapper spits rhymes over a dubstep track.

    Is it because the rapping itself is horrible? Yes. 

    But…after watching the following video today I’ve realized the lyrics don’t matter, it’s the accent that I hate! Dem UK rappers aint got no swag!

    Outsource your MC’s to the Dirty South! 

    Exhibit A:
    Bassnectar – Bass Head (King Fantastic Remix) from King Fantastic on Vimeo.

  2. 2 ha ha ha

    Damn, that’s pretty sad. They totally jacked that artwork. And that’s a pretty racist statement about UK rappers for sure. Ah well, what can you expect from a few fratboys. Surprised to see they even have a blog, shitty as it is. They won’t last.

    On another note, beat is sick on the TDB track. Cheesy song to remix though.

  3. 3 Pylon

    Love your sound guys, all the different variety of tracks make this a sick mix. The Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas intro makes it epic!

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