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I have never been a big fan of either  Jim Jones or Curren$y No RX Aldactone, .  However, I generally I think that the latter makes more sense when rapping than the former.  In fact, Jones - - leader of the Byrdgang and co-founder of the now defunct Dipset - - may be one of the worst lyricists in the game.  His artful word wizardry is exemplified in this track with painfully poignant lines such as "some say I'm bi-polar cuz I stay high like the solar".  What the fuck does that even mean?  Who knows.  Let's forget that line ever existed.

Senseless lyrics aside, 10mg Aldactone, 750mg Aldactone, Ski Beatz' - - known best for his critically-acclaimed work for artists such as Jay-Z and Camp Lo - - production on this track is absolute murder.  The long awaited, and almost forgotten, Aldactone india, Aldactone japan, mixtape-transformed-album "24-hour Karate School" dropped yesterday on Damon Dash's DD172 label after countless delays and push backs.  As if the delays weren't enough to dampen the impact of this long awaited album, it seems as though a last-minute decision to completely remove Mos Def's contributions from the project will ensure that this release makes less of a splash than originally anticipated, 100mg Aldactone. Aldactone craiglist, Ski Beatz - Go (Feat. Jim Jones & Curren$y) (Buy the Album)


Also gonna throw in a hot little number by The LOX's Sheek Louch to get your mouth watering for his upcoming LP release titled Donnie G.  The LP - - being released on Def Jam Records - - represents Sheek's first major release since 2003's "Walk Witt Me" about seven years ago, Aldactone australia, Aldactone canada, and is the latest project from the Yonkers rapper since his 2009 independent release "Life on D-Block".  The eerie beat on his track Jungle music is sinister as hell, and will be released on Sheek`s upcoming mixtape titled Donny Def Jam: Guerrilla Warfare Volume 1 with DJ Green Lantern.  This bad ass tune makes for a good jack to bang out while riding in your whip.  Sheek Louch is the illest, 20mg Aldactone, 1000mg Aldactone, ten in the game and still remain the realest.

Donnie G - Jungle Music


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2 Responses to “No RX Aldactone”

  1. 1 Ben

    i just wanted to bring some light into the line you quoted.
    two third of bi-polar personalities are also addicted to drugs.
    staying high like the solar indicates exzessive drug use.
    so it’s not TOO stupid.

  2. 2 Dick Diamonds

    Yes it is.

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