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No RX Vpxl, Last Saturday I was frantically looking for something to do in Budapest in terms of a Halloween party, as the local paper made an irritating typo - - stating that the Steve Bug show I wanted to hit up at club dpu was on Saturday when in fact it was on Sunday.  My frustration ended when I saw that the Slum Dogz out of the UK would be playing some gnarly bass at Corvinteto for the Future Music Halloween Special party alongside local Hungarian dubstep and drumstep acts Wondawulf and Dublic, 10mg Vpxl. 750mg Vpxl,  The party would end with a minimal/progressive house set by another local head, veteran DJ Palotai, Vpxl india. 1000mg Vpxl,  The show ended up being a wicked jam, and all of the DJs brought the heat to the dance, Vpxl paypal, 100mg Vpxl, making the club shake with hard hitting bass that caused the massive crowd to freak the fuck out.  I was impressed with the boys from England, 30mg Vpxl, Vpxl usa, but I really loved the sets of Dublic and Wondawulf - - who both play regularly at the club.  Here is a video teaser that will give you an idea of the fun we had at Corvinteto - - a venue situated on the top floor of an abandoned ex-department store from the Soviet era, No RX Vpxl.  Shit was hype, Vpxl craiglist. 50mg Vpxl, I connected with drumstep producer Wondawulf in Budapest following the show and he was a super-friendly guy - - so friendly that I had to ask him for some of his banging remixes and bootlegs.  Wonda sent me a few of his tracks and said that I could share the heat with the readers at Plugged Not Thugged, 200mg Vpxl. 20mg Vpxl,  I am especially fond of his track "Too Hot For Drumstep", a serious bootleg that combines Funtcase with samples from the "First Lady of Song", Vpxl us, Vpxl japan, Ella Fitzgerald's tune "Too Darn Hot". No RX Vpxl,  Check out this sizzling banger for yourselves to find out how damn hot it really is.

Funtcase vs Ella Fitzgerald - Too Hot For Drumstep (Wondawulf Bootleg) > > >[Check out more by Wondawulf]


Once your done cooking your cortex with that, Vpxl australia, 150mg Vpxl, shake a little bit of this spicy remix on top.  Someone call the doctor, Vpxl ebay, Vpxl canada, Wondawulf is just  too damn hot.

Trolley Snatcha & Macka B - Shake It, Vpxl mexico. Vpxl uk, (Wondawulf Drumstep Remix) > > >[Check out more by Wondawulf]


Keep your eyes open over the next month for an exclusive Plugged Not Thugged mix by Wondawulf himself!. Vpxl overseas. 500mg Vpxl. Vpxl coupon. 40mg Vpxl. 250mg Vpxl.

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  1. 1 Dick Diamonds

    Thanks for the tunes Wulf!!! Looking forward to getting your PnT mix!!

  2. 2 MAX THE FAX


  3. 3 Pylon

    Hungary represent! I really wanna hear that plugcast he’s gonna drop!

  4. 4 PlayLow

    Loving this!! loving the new vs old style mash.

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