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Discount Flexeril, It wasn't easy selecting only 10 tracks out of the entire year, there was just so much great music released in 2010. But I have to say, Flexeril ebay, it was a great exercise and I really enjoyed scouring through my crates and set lists. My criteria for my chart wasn't strictly tracks that were released in 2010, but the songs that I turned to time and time again in my live sets, Flexeril india, mixes, 10mg Flexeril, commutes and daily listening. So here it is, Dirtyred's Top 10 of 2010!

Dirtyred's Top 10 of 2010

1.  Jam Hot - Johnny Dynell (Tensnake Remix)
Tensanke's remix of Johnny Dynell's Jam Hot was definitely my summer anthem.  The great vibes, Flexeril overseas, laid back groove and sexy sax make it a perfect set opener for Cherry Beach on a Sunday. Flexeril us, JOHNNY DYNELL "Jam Hot" (Tensnake Remix) SNIPPET by Tensnake

2. Odessa - Caribou

Next on my list is Caribou's Odessa from their album Swim.  Although this wasn't a track that I was able to work into my live sets last year it still became the 'soundtrack to my morning' on many occasions.  Perfect tune to start you on your day, Discount Flexeril. Flexeril usa, Caribou - Odessa by cityslang

3. 750mg Flexeril, Chicago Groove - Tapesh
Chicago Groove put Tapesh on the map for me. Although there may have been some controversy surrounding the similarities to the 1999 track Quo Vadis by G - Man, I was pushed over the edge by his addition of the silky smooth vocals, 250mg Flexeril.

TAPESH - Chicago Groove by djtapesh

4, Flexeril japan. Drop the Dow - Round Table Knights
In March Round Table Knights released their Calypso EP Discount Flexeril, . While most gravitated towards the steel drums of the title track, 100mg Flexeril, I was hooked on the "pop, pop, pop" sound, 40mg Flexeril, chasing rhythm and scatman-esque vocal drop of Drop The Dow. 1000mg Flexeril, Round Table Knights 'Drop The Dow' by onelovemusic

5. Flexeril canada, Con Alegria - DJ Gregory & Gregor Salto (Solo 'more Cowbell' Remix)
Con Alegria was actually released in 2009 but based on the amount of times I played it out there was no way I could not include it in my charts. This track never failed as it always got the legs and hips of the ladies moving (lads too). Pure latin fire, Discount Flexeril.
DJ Gregory & Gregor Salto - Con Alegria by GregorSalto

6. Square One - Mosca - (Julio Bashmore Longhorm Remix)
I have been whipping up everything that has been coming out of Night Slugs. They had an incredible first year consistently releasing interesting, 50mg Flexeril, forward thinking EP's that span across a broad range of electronic musical styles. 200mg Flexeril, They were voted best label of 2010 by Fact Magazine and signed fellow Torontonian Egyptrixx during the year. I couldn't get enough stripped down, trance inducing bass drum of Julio Bashmore's Longhorn Remix of Mosca's Square One.
[audio:|titles=05 Square One (Julio Bashmore Longhorn Remix)]

7, 150mg Flexeril. Tumbleweed - Galen & Justin Martin
Justin Martin Discount Flexeril, could do no wrong in 2010,  be it  his original tracks, collaborations and remixes. He is definitely a personal favourite of mine and choosing my favourite  track was quite a difficult decision but it was Tumbleweed with Galen that came out trumps. Flexeril paypal, It's filthy opening 2 minute piano riff build and the crazy vocal shrills got me hooked. GALEN & JUSTIN MARTIN - TUMBLEWEED by DJ Galen

8. Tellyfoam - Jan Driver
I love the quirky carnival sounding Tellyfoam by Jan Driver, 20mg Flexeril, great as opening track or just anywhere in a set really, voted #1 at the 2010 WMC .
[audio:|titles=05 Tellyfoam - Original Mix]

9. Look Right Through (Dub) - Storm Queen
Storm Queen is Morgan Geist's new project which features the vocal talent of Damon C. Scott, a busker he met in the New York City subway, Discount Flexeril. I really like the old house synth sound and warm vocals. This was the closing track of my PNT Vibe drive mix.
Look Right Through (Dub) by TimeOutNewYork

10. Upside Down - David Keno
And last but not least, Upside Down by David Keno, which was the first release on Riva Starr's label Snatch. It's a real feel good number with a funky bass and organ riff that is sure to get the dance floor smiling.
Upside Down by David Keno


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  1. 1 O-God

    Quality list bruva!

  2. 2 dirtyred

    thanks man

  3. 3 dick diamonds

    Odessa was massive, along with the whole Swim album. Tensnake brought a big batch of heat and Tellyfoam by Jan Driver has been roaring on my system for monttttttttttttths. Wicked list homie

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