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This past Wednesday the PnT family hit up good old Wrongbar to check out Toddla T and Untold Clonidine For Sale, . 200mg Clonidine,  While both producers spun wicked sets, I was rreeeeeaaaaalllly feeling the set of UK producer, 20mg Clonidine, Clonidine overseas, DJ and Hemlock Recordings' boss Untold.  This guy came at the crowd with some next level catch-you-by-surprise shit, 250mg Clonidine. Clonidine japan,  Real gnarly, novel and interesting bass music that peaked people's energy in the club - - the whole place went bonkers, 40mg Clonidine. Clonidine usa, What a show.

Listen to Untold's track Stereo Freeze - - released in late 2010 on R&S Records - - for an example of the hot bass Untold can burn you with, Clonidine For Sale.  I am also throwing in a remix of Cassius' popular track I Love You So by Vancouver dubstep producer Krusha - - which is now about eight months old, Clonidine coupon, 500mg Clonidine, but good all the same.  Murder Music, Clonidine uk. 750mg Clonidine, Untold - Stereo Freeze (Original Mix) [ BUY ]


Cassius - I Love You So (Krusha Remix) [ Krusha's Soundcloud ]


Read a recent interview with Untold by here.  Also check out one of Untold's newer mixes - - his ClashMusic DJ Podcast - - available below, Clonidine ebay.

[soundcloud width="100%" height="81" params="" url=""]ClashMusic Dj Mix Podcast - Untold

Tracklisting can be found after the jump!

TRACKLISTING: Untold's ClashMusic DJ Podcast (January 2011)

Clonidine For Sale, 1. 10mg Clonidine, The Deeep - Ballad of the Abyssal Plain pt. 2 (Not Not Fun)
2, Clonidine mexico. Clonidine australia, Pariah - Fall (dub)
3. Gerry Read - Roomland (dub)
4, 50mg Clonidine. Blawan - Hollow it Out (dub)
5, Clonidine For Sale. Clonidine us, Peverelist - Dance Til the Police Come (dub)
6. F - Slowdown (dub)
7, Clonidine paypal. Clonidine craiglist, Cosmin TRG - Separat (dub)
8. Skudge - Convolution (2562 remix) (dub)
9, Clonidine india. Clonidine For Sale, Pangaea – Won’t Hurt (dub)
10. 1000mg Clonidine, 2562 - This is Hardcore (dub)
11. Randomer - Lost Everything (dub)
12, Clonidine canada. 30mg Clonidine, Perc - Chromamoan (Perc Trax)
13. Scuba - Feel it (dub)
14, 150mg Clonidine. Ossie - Creepy Crawlies (dub)
15, Clonidine For Sale. 100mg Clonidine, Untold - U-29 (dub)
16. Blawan - Kaz (dub)
17. Instra:mental - Pyramid (dub)
18. (Unknown) - Deep Inside (dub)
19. Boddika - Soul What (dub)
20. Julio Bashmore - Batty Knee Dance (dub)
21. Maurice Donovan - Babah (dub)
22. (Unknown) - Milk and Honey (dub)

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